Shannon Tseng

Proposed National Instrument 52-112: Non-GAAP And Other Financial Measures Disclosure


In January of 2016, the Canadian Securities Administrators (the “CSA”) published CSA Staff Notice 52-306 Non-GAAP Financial Measures (the “Staff Notice”) for the primary purpose of providing guidance to reporting issuers in Canada with respect …

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Raibex Canada Ltd. v. ASWR Franchising Corp.: A Victory for Franchisors

Rescission Rights under Franchise Legislation: The Backdrop to Raibex

Section 6 of the Ontario Arthur Wishart Act (Franchise Disclosure), 2000 (the “AWA”) grants franchisees the right to rescind a franchise agreement under two circumstances:

1. section 6(1) of …

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CSE Requests Comments from Issuers with U.S. Marijuana-Related Activities on Impact of Cole Memorandum Rescission

The U.S. Department of Justice (the “DOJ”) published a memorandum on August 29, 2013 (the “Cole Memorandum”) indicating a policy shift of government priorities away from strict enforcement of federal cannabis prohibitions in those U.S. states …

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