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Legal basics of competitive bidding and procurement in Canada

The following represents a quick review of certain legal principles and case law associated with competitive bidding and procurement in Canada.

Firstly, any tendering process will create two contracts that bind the bidder and the owner. In an invitation to …

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The effect of recent litigation on the BC Real Estate Development Marketing Act

What is REDMA?

The British Columbia Real Estate Development Marketing Act (“REDMA”) was brought in to force in 2005 primarily to protect consumers of pre-sale condominium projects against changes made by developers prior to project completion. REDMA applies to developments …

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BC Societies: Update to annual filing requirements

BC societies incorporated under the Society Act (BC) are required to file an Annual Report with BC Registry Services to remain in good standing.  Until this fall, filing an Annual Report involved submitting an originally signed Annual Report to Victoria …

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For profit, non-profit or something in between: Community Contribution Companies

BC’s Business Corporations Act (the “Act”) recently introduced Community Contribution Companies, or CCCs.  When seeking to incorporate for a purpose that is not purely for-profit or non-profit, it may be worth considering a CCC.

For-profit companies can operate for …

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Personal Property Security Act amended – access to credit made easier for business owners with transferable licences

On September 1, 2012, the Personal Property Security Amendment Act, 2011 (the “Act”) came into force, amending the Personal Property Security Act (“PPSA”). Specifically, by broadening the definition of licences in the PPSA, the Act allows borrowers to use …

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Annual meetings – sometimes you actually have to meet

Corporate governance for some closely-held entities has evolved to the point where much of the governance business is conducted by unanimous written resolution. Governing legislation usually starts with the presumption that a meeting is to occur, but offers a statutory …

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Proxies, private companies and The BC Business Corporations Act

Proxies are a mechanism for a shareholder to grant to another person the ability to attend and vote on their behalf at shareholders’ meetings of a corporation. The business corporations statutes of Canada and most provinces, contain a regulatory framework …

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BC’s provincial election: Employers’ obligations and employees’ rights

A provincial election is scheduled to take place in British Columbia on May 14th 2013. Employers in the province should be mindful of their obligation to ensure that employees are afforded sufficient time off from work to cast their ballots.…

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Statutory holidays in BC – Family Day update for employers

(This guest post has been contributed by Lanny Robinson of our Labour + Employment Practice Group).

British Columbia’s new statutory holiday, Family Day, which falls on the second Monday in February (Monday February 11th in 2013), is fast approaching. With this in …

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