Monthly Archives: October 2016

Craft beer and trade-marks: 5 essential questions

Picture this: you are a craft brewery owner. Business is great – your sales are growing and you are increasing production. Without warning, the unthinkable occurs: you get a letter from the lawyers for Mega Brewing Corp. The lawyers claim …

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Legal basics of procurement – Part 2 (Duty of good faith)

The following article discusses the differences between traditional tendering contracts and request for proposals (or RFPs), in relation to the duty of good faith.

1. What is an invitation to tender?

The formative Canadian decision on the tendering process and …

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Bill C-25 proposes amendments to the Canada Business Corporations Act

Last week, Bill C-25 was introduced which would amend the Canada Business Corporations Act (the “CBCA”) to, among other things, make “majority voting” mandatory for all “distributing corporations” and would require prescribed disclosure on diversity for “prescribed corporations”. …

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Cyber security

Cyber security has been identified as a priority area in the Canadian Securities Administrators (“CSA”) 2016‑2019 Business Plan as well as by some CSA members. Accordingly, the CSA is working to promote cyber security awareness and resilience. More …

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